Saturday 27 August 2011

E-Waste Management; New Ideas

     Dear Friends, as you are aware, electronic waste is an emerging challenge for next generation; intensive research has yet to provide suitable solutions. Changing configurations and timeless up-gradation of CPU’s and printers are creating more and more environmental risk materials. Time has come that every one of us should try something new to save this mother earth.

HP printer with Adenium Obesum plant
    In an effort to do my bit, I have tried few things which came very handy; I would like to share this with all of you. Electronic components have dangerous materials like conducting, semiconducting, dyes, plastics and organic agents; these are not eco-friendly and need more time for degradation. Keeping this in view; I have planted different species of plants in my unused CPU’s and Printers. To my surprise, all of them are thriving and growing well. By the time I change their soil most of these hazardous materials would be degraded hopefully.

Printer with one Ficus tree bonsai and Singapore cherry tree

You may try some more plants and see what grows better.
If you have old printers please send them to me for this rehabilitation.

Money plant creeper grows well in Canon printer

Prof Dr S Bakhtiar Choudhary,
President Indian Association Occupational Health,
Green Peace Activist; E-mail:

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